Value: £38,000
Client: Brighton & Hove City Council
Status: Shortlisted Competition

Voices is a sculptural gateway that borrows from the architectural language of the past and creates a sense of wonderment. Rising from the ground towards the sky, the two folded-anamorphic structures create a sense of attraction whilst drawing the public into its fracture surfaces. The anamorphic design resembles folded leaves curved to a point which has its origins in the geometry of the Classical Islamic design of the Brighton Pavillion. The anamorphic structures at different perspective points form a three-dimensional shape of a Brighton Pavilion tower, however move slightly out of this line of sight and the form disappears. Much is the same of Voices many facets it speaks with many voices – past, present and future – reflecting the thoughts, ambitions and expressions of Brighton community. The fractal surfaces of the sculpture representing the many diverse voices of the city, inviting us both physically and emotionally to another place. Words and narratives will overlap; voices are not read or heard as a range of diverse singular expressions, but will inter-connect across the sculpture as narrative threads of place - creating a community of voices ‘tapestry’. Voices acts as a gateway inviting one to walk through, to explore, and cross-over to experience another place. The narratives prepare one for what’s to come – North Laine – a place of diversity, of community, of creativity – a place that is unique, with its many facets – a place like no other.