Value: £650,000
Client: Private
Status: Complete

Blending into the wilderness of the Chobham ridges in Surrey, Stanyards Cottage has been part of this farming community for the past four hundred years. Over time, this once purely agricultural landscape has recreated itself, embracing the way we live now. A quaint 'sticks and stones' cottage which forms the heart to this family home is situated in a grade two listed site and is set within a concealed location, surrounded by scrub and woodlands.  South of the cottage is a series of outbuildings, the former horse stables, which forms an inner yard aspect to the grounds. The proposed design sensitively organises the existing farm buildings, enabling an external – internal landscape approach to the otherwise disconnectedness of the farm buildings. The role of play as a modality has also been a key influence. Alter & Company wanted to create a looping internal landscape through which imparted a journey of varying expansive spaces. Alongside this journey, sculptural landmarks were inserted between and into the building, either as a way of contributing to the journey -  or diverting it. This approach to design invited a type of playfulness into everyday activities. The experiential journey throughout the buildings became one compressive space, full of light, materiality and history.