Value: £1,600,000
Client: Private
Status: Detail

Alter & Company are delighted to announce New Sussex Hotel's exciting development plans. The project's visionary idea and aesthetic design supports the Chancellor's recent commitment to the Greater Brighton City Region, with the announcement of an investment of £48.73million through the Local Growth Fund. By joining together places and working collaboratively, New Sussex Hotel Lancing, East Sussex will inform the Greater Brighton agenda to become one of the United Kingdom’s top performing urban economies.

New Sussex Hotel perfectly sits within the designated 'City Region' which covers the districts and boroughs of Lewes, Brighton & Hove, Mid Sussex, Worthing and Adur.* The area is home to 689,000 people, 442,600 of whom are of working age and 92% of whom live in urban areas  It provides 275,145 jobs, and currently has 32,340 active businesses.  

New Sussex Hotel will play a significant role in shaping the Greater Brighton Investment Programme; a co-ordinated programme of regeneration and infrastructure, and add value to the local area by delivering new jobs, and employment floor space. 

New Sussex Hotel is located in an idyllic spot near South Downs National Park overlooking the English Channel and is within minutes to Brighton's bustling city centre. Access to Gatwick and Shoreham Airports and major motorways are within easy access. New Sussex Hotel is also located minutes away from the Lancing Business Park, home to over 260 companies which runs at 98% capacity. Currently there is no quality provision of meeting space at the business park, and very offer little in the surrounding area. Companies and the park administrators struggle with meeting space requirements. Space at New Sussex Hotel will be multifunctional with a unique dynamic design by Alter and Company with a variety of options -  to create smaller intimate meeting rooms -  or large inspiring conference/function room events.

The form and geometry of the proposed extensions are derived from a careful analysis of the existing hotel buildings and the surrounding context. The composition of the proposed forms and facades relates directly to the existing size and position of the current buildings scales, masses and forms, the ridge elements decrease in height further they go back in the site. The main proposed masses are pitched gable buildings, flat roof single storey buildings, with the function room having a beautiful and unusual orthogonal cone roof. 

New Sussex Hotel will deliver grandeur and quality of space, atmosphere and service. Our aim is to create a place of destination for local residents and businesses as well as our global visitors.