Alter & Company is an international, contemporary architectural design practice committed to producing sensitive and responsive designs working on both rural and urban projects. Over the years we have developed a deep appreciation for the diverse needs of the communities, which use the buildings we design and build. We work collaboratively to meet the changing needs of our clients and this is in turn reflected in the way that we are driven to innovation when not only creating completely new designs but also when we’re altering existing spaces.

We believe that architecture should not be isolated from daily life. We aim to produce designs, which respond and are enriched by an understanding of routine and everyday rituals. At Alter & Company we understand the importance of innovation. As such we have maintained several academic connections. We feel the practice benefits from the continued exploration and discussion of contemporary architecture that we afforded through our work with collaborators.  


Everything we create, from a community lead urban landscape to a large-scale education facility project is motivated by the world around us. We are positively interested in the connections teaching and research has upon our everyday practice. Through teaching we learn how to re-think and re-imagine our selves and our future. We practice designing through making, a design exploration lead through making as means of altering the way we see and think about the built world. We take great care in making models and developing new practices to making, we work at all scales quite often making bespoke 1to1 scale moments and junctions looking into detail and craft. For us, context and relevance are absolutely fundamental to discovering new human experiences. We act as design detectives, looking for difference between today’s notions of person, place and space, are able to interpret this into strategic thinking for the future.