Alter & Company is an international, contemporary architectural design practice committed to producing sensitive and responsive designs working on both rural and urban projects. Over the years we have developed a deep appreciation for the diverse needs of the communities, which use the buildings we design and build. We work collaboratively to meet the changing needs of our clients and this is in turn reflected in the way that we are driven to innovation when not only creating completely new designs but also when we’re altering existing spaces.

We believe that architecture should not be isolated from daily life. We aim to produce designs, which respond and are enriched by an understanding of routine and everyday rituals. At Alter & Company we understand the importance of innovation. As such we have maintained several academic connections. We feel the practice benefits from the continued exploration and discussion of contemporary architecture that we afforded through our work with collaborators.  

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Everything we create, from a community lead urban landscape to a large-scale education facility projects is motivated by the world around us. We are positively interested in the connections live research has upon our everyday practice. We practice designing through making, a design exploration lead through making as means of altering the way we see and think about the built world. We take great care in making models and developing new practices to making, we work at all scales making moments and junctions looking into detail and craft. For us, context and relevance are absolutely fundamental to discovering new human experiences. We act as design detectives, looking for difference between today’s notions of person, place and space, are able to interpret this into strategic thinking for the future. 

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Our architectural services in both Brighton, London and beyond, combine functional knowledge and creative flair with a thirst to craft standout projects. Whether it’s helping capture your ideas on the page, developing your planning proposals for your new build, liaising with experts or seeing your project through to the very end of construction, Alter & Company architects WILL weave your perfect story into a reality.



We know that the initial stage of design is a time full of exciting possibilities. We also know it can be difficult to envisage what lies ahead. During this design phase, ideas are fluid and flexibility is key. Whether we’re working with you to develop your ideas or taking your designs and growing them with 3D visual design software, at Alter & Company we can help you experience your space before it’s even built. It also helps us brush up on the finer details of your build, so we know exactly what to expect as the build comes to life. 


An ambitious design plan, a proposal in a conservation area, a listed building occasionally some planning proposals are a bit more complicated than others. If we think it'll be helpful for your project, we’ll recommend this pre-planning stage. It’ll give us a chance to test the water, and gather constructive feedback to give your project the best chance of getting planning approval. Our team is well-versed in leading you through the planning process, and because we’re accredited agents, it’ll be a smoother time too. We work closely with the local authorities country wide, providing information and drawings in a specific style and format that helps reduce their decision time by up to half – helping you breathe easy. What’s more, as a ARB accredited studio, we have direct access to an even bigger pool of professional expertise to draw from too. All the better for getting your project off the paper. 


Fire escapes, drainage issues, insulation – with every build comes the need to ensure proper building standards are met. As active members of the ARB, we pride ourselves on an eye for the finer detail, producing detailed high quality architect’s drawings that lay everything out clearly, so they can be submitted to the authority for approval – and your build can get underway.


Bridging the gaps between design and construction, at Alter & Company we’ve built solid foundations with the people who’ll really make your space shine. Once building regulations are approved, we can take away the hassle of organising your build by liaising with contractors and builders, getting quotes and working up the build schedule. This gives you the control to say what you want, and how much you want to pay. To make sure your build is as easy as possible, we’re also happy to come on site regularly to check everything is coming along smoothly.


As a small core team, we keep ourselves one step ahead by drawing on the best specialists around. By regularly weaving our skills together with other specialists, we’re able to take our talents further through a greater network of knowledge that will elevate your space. Whether it’s crafted pencil drawings, forward-thinking structural engineers, planning submissions or construction teams that really know their stuff, the list of experts we work with regularly is always growing.