Manor House

Value: £450,000
Client: Private
Status: Complete

The existing building we were commissioned to redesign dates back to the 1970s, with a history as a private family home. Unfortunately, years of neglect and weathering have left it dilapidated and unsuitable for the current occupants, despite their love for the property. The main ambition of this design is to create a dwelling that provides flexible spaces that will enable different generations to live under the same roof. We also aim to improve the light quality throughout the house and introduce a sense of connectivity. As there were already extensions to the rear of the house, we approached the idea of adding any more with caution. Instead we designed a series of walled courtyard gardens, each of them accessible through various doors connecting them to the house. Large feature windows will also be included in these new walled structures, increasing the light in the main living spaces and connecting them to the landscape and the sky above through a roof lantern. Over time we hope that this project, this home, will be able to evolve to survive the life spans of many future occupants.