Value: £100,000
Client: Private
Status: Concept

The studios design takes visual clues from local vernacular architecture whilst the form and mass of the proposed building focuses on visually stimulating elements of the natural landscape; the approach, large ponds, the existing farm house, cotton trees set within the expansive landscape. The architectural language that has been employed is one of the ‘cone aperture’, passing from building edge narrowing to door frame. This approach allows for maximum sunlight and great views. The narrowing effect of the ‘cone’ means that there is a large overhang to give shading in the hot times. The studios orientation is so because it connects to four different parts of the site. The first is the view and entrance to the studio from the house through the cotton trees, which is a widening aperture directing one in to the heart of the building. The second is the garage and workshop entrance, which is formed as a large barn element orientated towards the dirt track for ease of asses. The third is the rear entrance and small easterly terrace, gain morning light and importantly giving an intimate relationship to the landscape. The fourth is the larger bedroom/living suite that splays south with views of the ponds, Pecos River and the Bluffs in the distance. The spatial elements are centrally connected, with a centrally located, kitchenette, shower room and small workshop space.