Value: Undisclosed
Client: Private
Status: Complete

The project aimed to extend the family home into their roof space to create a new master bedroom for the parents and allow their two children to graduate into the larger first floor bedroom and the smaller bedroom to become a studio workspace for the client. The clients were interested in a contemporary design that elevated their property above the surrounding Victorian worker houses in Hanover, Brighton on the south coast. The design involved the reconfiguration of the first floor to allow an efficient staircase unto the new loft dormer that balanced the need for maximum space in the loft with space taken out of the first floor. A single material birch plywood string-less staircase becomes the focal point of the transition from the original house and the new loft space and floats respectfully over the existing features. The timber framed highly insulated loft space is clad in a single-ply membrane forming a contemporary projection from the roof and a projecting petal window reveal in metallic aluminium to the rear. A large skylight to the front bounces light into the interior bedroom creating a tranquil space. 


"We really enjoyed working with Alter & Company. Grant and Leith worked really creatively with our limited budget, injecting lots of vision and excitement to an otherwise ordinary project and going the extra mile when needed"